The Walking Dead Zombie Walker Mask

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Includes: mask

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What the product includes:

Includes: mask

Product description:

This spine chilling, top quality mask, sculpted by Neal Kennemore, depicts the walker who appears in the third episode of the television series. After meeting Andrea, Glenn, T-Dog and the rest of the survivors in Atlanta, Rick returns to camp with them and reconnects with Lori and Carl. Happy to be with his family again, Rick becomes obsessed with the idea of having left someone behind...even someone like Merle Dixon...and plans to return to New York to fetch them, when suddenly a scream breaks the silence of the camp. Rick, Shane and the others rush towards the source of the scream: a terrorised Carl has found a Walker feasting on the remains of a dead deer. When the Walker turns around and groans, the survivors kick him to the ground and hit him in the head. Daryl finishes him off by piercing him in the eye.

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Customer reviews:

  • 3 Reviews
  • Overall Rating: 5 Stars
  • Valoración: 5 Stars.
    Cádiz (Spain) 10/26/18
  • Valoración: 5 Stars.
    José Vte
    Alicante (Spain) 1/11/17
  • Valoración: 5 Stars.
    VILLENEUVE LA GARENNE (France) 8/23/16

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