80s & 90s: Pop Music Party

Whassup??? How come you still haven't had an eighties party to shake it at? Theme parties are in vogue and one that always hits the spot is the 80s party. 80s decoration has returned to flood your party with colour and fun; with disco music, messy hair, tights and giant radio cassettes, you can put on an unforgettable party. The more over the top the colours are, the better, and at Funidelia we’re offering up the best 80s decorations for your next party -even the popcorn will have a retro style. Don’t forget about the garlands at your party, and we’re sure your giant telephone will make your guests forget about their smart phones for a minute while you yell, "Whatssup??" Cover your walls in colourful leopard-print and daring decorations. And imagine your walls matching your cups... Now, thanks to Funidelia, they can, because our 80s party decorations match perfectly, so your whole party can be in harmony. Don’t be a party pooper, our 80s party decorations will be sure not to disappoint. You’ll be the host with the most!

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