Eskimo Costumes

Nothing better than attending a Carnival celebration or a winter party in an Eskimo costume…you’ll look elegant and stay warm at the same time! Explore all of the different styles of Eskimo fancy dress costumes available for men. For example, choose a costume that includes a hooded jacket and pants, or beat the cold in a dark-colored costume with a warm fur jacket. You can also look elegant in a costume with a fringed jacket and boot tops. Women will love these elegant Eskimo fancy dress costumes for women. Go for an alluring look with a sexy Eskimo costume, or choose adventure with this brown hooded jacket costume. And little ones will love to experience a journey dressed up in these Eskimo costumes for children. Attend the party as an Eskimo family!

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Enjoy a cozy costume party in these warm Eskimo costumes.

Eskimo costumes are perfect for a cold night out. Eskimos are able to withstand icy temperatures and now you’ll be able to too! At Funidelia, you’ll find a wide range of Eskimo costumes for men and women, available in brown and white tones. Little ones will also love dressing up as Eskimos. You’ll want to hug them all of the time! Get your spear, put your hood on, and get the perfect Eskimo fancy dress costume so you can endure the most arctic winter in an elegant, cozy and warm costume.