Scary & Killer Clown costumes

Smile!! Don't you like clown parties? You will have so much fun on Halloween with these devilish killer clown costumes...Muahahaha!! Are you looking for a Halloween costume to steal the stage? Then you will need a fashionable costume, a killer clown outfit. Not even the Joker at the best of times will be able to scare as well as you will when you put on one of our devilish clown costumes. Grab a blood-stained knife, practice your funny face and you won't even have to speak in order to frighten everyone on your path. We have the greatest catalogue of Killer Clown Halloween Outfits! Have the most terrifying smile and frighten your friends by turning into a terrifying clown. Be daring and choose your favourite devilish clown at Funidelia, now.

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Killer Clown and Devil costumes for Halloween

If Pennywise is your idol, if the Joker seems like the true hero of Gotham or if you even think that Krusty from the Simpsons is a potential psychopath, these killer clown costumes will be perfect for you for next Halloween. Choose your costume to transform yourself into Pennywise or decide which killer clown costume will be the scariest at the Halloween party. Prepare some good clown make-up or choose one of our clown masks if painting your face doesn't sit right with you. We are sure you will leave everyone with their jaws dropped... and running out of fear!