Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Children and Adults

Who carries a small basket and wears a red hood and ear-to-ear grin? We present you our selection of the best Little Red Riding Hood costumes so you can star in one of your favorite childhood stories. You can also be the Big Bad Wolf or dear Grandma in these amazing fancy dress costumes. No character is missing! Wolf and grandma costumes are also available for children and adults, so the whole family can enjoy a magical and fun Carnival. Accessories are also important, so don’t forget your little basket…or wolf mask, if you decide to be the one scaring Little Red Riding Hood. But we all know she’s got what it takes to beat the Big Bad Wolf!

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Complete your Red Riding Hood, wolf or grandma costume.

Elegant, sexy or naive…You choose which Little Red Riding Hood you want to be. Recreate the story as the main character in one of these Little Red Riding Hood costumes, or play a supporting role in a Big Bad Wolf or Grandma costume. With little red hoods and small baskets, these costumes are available for girls as well as women. Take a look at the most adorable wolf costumes for children that will make them look cuter than scarier. Halloween fans can also dress up as a zombie or dark Little Red Riding Hood, and fun lovers will prefer our Ride On Little Red Riding Hood and ferocious wolf costumes, complete with wolf pants and red hood. Any one of these are for the better to eat you with!