Robin costumes for kids and adults

Kapow! Pow! Bonk! Zwap! Whack! Have you always wanted to feel like "Boy Wonder" himself fighting the Penguin or the Joker? Now is your opportunity thanks to the Robin costumes you will find at Funidelia. Have you ever asked yourself why Robin's suit has so many flashy colours on it? Well it's because they are the same colours of the bird that gave this superhero, the red head, Batman's helper his name. But aside from its characteristic colours, your Robin costume won't be complete without an eye mask for you to hide your identity and a cape that will give you the most energy while you fly-kick. There have been many "Robins" throughout history and they weren't always boys. So here you have the perfect costume for any member of the family. Choose a couples costume and your Batman and Robin costume will be fantastic. Also, amongst our selection of Batman costumes for boys you will find there are many different Robin models available, from Teen Titans, to the most classic versions and even a Nightwing DC Comics costume.
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