Shepherd Costumes

These shepherd costumes will allow you to join a live Nativity scene in a lead role. Our Christmas costumes are available for children and adults. The whole family can take part in the Nativity with these emblematic costumes for all of the main characters. Browse several designs for these Christmas costumes and discover chestnut seller, innkeeper, Hebrew shepherd, elegant shepherdess and field shepherd costumes. Add the essential accessories like a staff, beard or cap, and you’ll be ready to celebrate Christmas in style! Choose your favorite shepherd costume and create a live Nativity scene with all of the central characters.

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Shepherd and shepherdess costumes for a lead role in the Nativity.

Which shepherd costume is your favorite? We have several options you can choose from. Kids will look the part in these classic little shepherd and shepherdess costumes, or these Hebrew shepherd costumes. And adults will find the shepherd costume they’re looking for, like this chubby shepherd or Hebrew shepherd costume with a striped tunic. Also find accessories like caps, beards and staffs to complete your ensemble. If you’re thinking about participating in a live Nativity scene, these shepherd costumes will help you experience life as one of the key characters in the biblical account.