The Incredibles Costumes

The Incredibles is Pixar’s sixth computer-animated film that premiered in 2004. It follows the adventures of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone, three superheroes who are dedicated to fighting crime. Are you searching for The Incredibles costumes? At Funidelia, your online costume store, you’ll find these super original Disney costumes so your whole family can dress up as true superheroes. Even though they’re an active team today, it hasn’t always been idyllic for this family. After the “glory days”, they are forced to retire and live a quiet, mundane life. But a new mission to save the world is assigned to them and Bob Parr once again turns into Mr. Incredible, working alongside his wife Helen (Elastigirl), and best friend Frozone. If you decide to be Elastigirl, you’ll become a superheroine with a formfitting black and red suit, mask and gloves.

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With your Incredibles costumes, you can be Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl or Frozone.

Bob and his wife Helen loved being superheroes 15 years ago, but they’ve since retired and are raising a family with three children. They’re not in their best shape and they resent their new, boring life. But, they’re now ready for action! Bob and Helen become Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl again, a superhero couple that fights the bad guys with three kids, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, and a new friend Frozone. At Funidelia you’ll find the best Incredibles fancy dress costumes so you can become Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl in a formfitting costume. Have fun fighting crime as a family!