Pokémon Caps

These Pokémon caps are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to go out in summer, out on the street with your pokédex, or out hunting Pokémon with your friends. All our models have unique designs. Choose between a baseball cap or a flat peaked cap. All good trainers need to complete their wardrobe with some Pokémon merchandise, and these caps are an essential component- whether it’s for yourself or to gift to a friend. Funidelia has loads of different options available to you, from a flat peaked cap with the picture of a Master Ball, to a pokéball on a blue background. And of course Pikachu, Ash Ketchum’s very best friend, is also featured on a variety of different Pokémon caps. Get your cap now with printed or embroidered designs, or beautiful Japanese lettering! And if you want to take it easy, Squirtle is here to give you a hand with anything you need. Find your perfect design and colour. And these are just some of the videogame caps you can find here at Funidelia... Remember, when a great Pokémon trainer goes out he never knows what he might find. And this is why you have to always be prepared. Especially when you hit the pavements to play Pokémon GO.

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