Dragon Ball © costumes

Raise your feet up by your shoulders, put your arms in an L shape and your elbows on your hips and your fists straight out in front of you. Shout! Your transformation into Super Saiyan has begun. Now is the time for you to choose a costume of your favourite Dragon Ball character. You will only find the best Dragon Ball accessories and costumes at Funidelia, like the typical Goku and Vegeta pointy wigs. But if being a Saiyajn warrior is not for you, maybe you will prefer our Bulma costume or our Master Roshi (Turtle Hermit) costume, to help you to teach everyone how to really start a "kamehameha" attack...At Funidelia you will also find costumes for the other important Dragon Ball characters such as Piccolo, Mr. Satan or Son Gohan. Get your Dragon Balls ready to be the champion of the next tournament between Super Saiyans, cyborgs and the aliens. The best costumes for the carnival!


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